SMS360 Fleet solutions address the main components of fleet safety management with an integrated web-based toolset and Fleet Consulting Services.

• Qualification

• Performance

• Training


• Inspection

• Repair

• Maintenance


• Accidents/Incidents

• CSA Compliance

• Audits





Driver Safety Management System:

  • Create electronic files for your drivers and maintain ongoing compliance oversight.

  • Receive advance notification for expiring requirements.

  • Keep your employees informed with a library of safety talks that cover a wide variety of relevant safety topics for drivers and supervisors.

  • Provide proactive and remedial Accident Countermeasure training as recommended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Vehicle Safety Management System:

  • Manage Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, creating a recordkeeping trail for inspections, repairs and follow up actions from appropriate departments.

  • Record roadside inspections and ensure repairs are completed and responses to state enforcement agencies are made timely.

Company Safety Management System:

  • Collect first response data for incidents and initiate an investigation and claims management record.

  • Maintain DOT Recordable Accidents in a company Accident Register as required by Federal regulations.

  • Self-audit your company’s safety processes with the same Fleet Audit Questions used by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration when auditing your fleet and company. 



Post-Accident Review and Preventability Determination

The foundation of commercial motor vehicle accident analysis is the determination of preventability.  Each accident must be judged on its individuality. Analyze all available facts involved and use established industry guidelines for determining preventability to modify behavior and increase the fleet driver’s understanding of how to prevent future accidents. Fleet360 believes that the services we provide are unique within the industry due to the vast experience of our staff that separates Fleet360 from any competitors.

DOT Compliance Safety Auditing

Our compliance specialists can come on-site and help inspect your organization’s transportation regulatory responsibilities. A third-party assessment of all areas regulated by the Department of Transportation provides significant value. Our team can assist in training your management team as well as help in setting up management controls, policies, and processes to enhance regulatory compliance and improve employee safety.

OSHA General Industry Compliance Safety Auditing 

Our compliance specialists can come right to your workplace and help inspect your organization’s warehouse, distribution center, truck terminal or any other workplace for safety requirements found in 29 CFR 1910. Our experienced specialists can conduct a thorough inspection in all areas regulated by OSHA and provide results and recommendations to establish best practices and improve your organization’s safety compliance. Our team can also assist in training your management team as well as help in setting up management controls, policies, and processes to enhance regulatory compliance and improve employee safety.


Vehicle Compliance and Management Auditing

The key to a successful fleet operation is the safe, efficient and compliant management and maintenance of its safety equipment. Our team of fleet maintenance specialists can come onsite and assess your organization’s Equipment Maintenance Program and Asset Utilization and make recommendations to improve and promote both vehicle and employee safety. 

Driver Qualification Management

We know that managing your driver qualification files and remaining compliant – whether you have one driver or 101 – can be intimidating. Our team will audit your drivers’ required documents and help set up a management system that can save significant time and resources to help keep you your company compliant. 

CSA Compliance Management Solutions

Don’t put your company’s operating authority in jeopardy. Let our experienced specialists review your opportunities for improvement in all seven BASICs before experiencing an FMCSA intervention. If you have already received an FMCSA visit, our team is ready to assist in establishing management controls and policies to get your fleet driving on the right road again.