Safety Management Systems, Inc.


"Our goal is to develop a clean, easy-to-use software tool that allows businesses of ANY size to establish an effective EHS risk management system, at a fraction of the cost of other EHS software systems."

- Christien Ducker, Founder & CEO

Our Mission


At Safety Management Systems, Inc., our foundation is based on trust, integrity, and teamwork. Our mission incorporates QHSE principles in our processes and services, as a means of providing our customers and the community, with a safe working environment.

About Us

Safety Management Systems, Inc., better known as SMS, is a leading provider of safety management technology and consulting services and the developer of the SMS360 and FLEET360 software solutions. These software tools allow companies of any size to better implement and manage environmental health and safety (EHS), fleet safety, and DOT as well as OSHA compliance programs. Each is a simple, centralized solution that helps streamline compliance and risk management, reduce accidents and incidents, and send employees home safely every day.


Our safety experts also provide on-site fleet safety services to help carriers manage all areas regulated by DOT and OSHA. We help carriers identify non-compliance areas and opportunities for improvement, and we recommend the safety tools and processes to develop a safer operational culture.


SMS was founded by a group of individuals with extensive experience in the development of systems and software solutions to manage risk incorporate quality, health, safety, and environmental responsibility.





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