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Stop On Red Week: August 7-13

In 2019, alone there were 143,000 injuries associated with drivers running red lights. With this, 849 of these injuries resulted in fatalities.

Stop on Red Week aims to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities as well as educate more cautionary driving while on the road. On average, Americans drive an hour or equivalent to 25 miles each day. With this, it is imperative to be aware of your surroundings while operating a vehicle. Especially when stopping at red lights.

The most common error from drivers is sliding through stop signs. On the road it is imperative to stop at all signs and lights directing traffic to avoid any collisions.

More than half of these collisions are with pedestrians, bicyclists, or other vehicles.


  • Most accidents happen on Saturday

  • Drinking and driving while operating a vehicle increases the risk of an accident

  • Tired drivers cause 20% of crashes due to falling asleep at the wheel or are fatigued

It Is Important To Remember That Red Means STOP! As Well as,

  • Abide by all traffic signals as they tend to be not taken seriously by those in a rush

  • Avoid reckless driving, red lights are to control vehicles that are speeding

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