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Manage employee and contractor safety, compliance, and risk management in one place. Many administrators spend 500+ hours per year managing paper-based records and hunting down documents or information from employees or subcontractors. Digitally house permits, SDSs, Incident forms, employee or contractor data, risk assessments, safety observations and more.

I struggle with:

SMS360 Solution:

Forgetting to renew permits on time, making sure permit tasks get completed, or making sure employees can access permits from any locations.

Store Permits, Notices of Violations, Permit tasks, Inspection History, digitally and get notified when permits are close to expiring.

Employees failing to locate SDSs during inspections.

Getting fined for expired SDSs.

Access SDSs and first aid information in seconds with a digital SDS library. SMS360 auto-updates the SDSs so you don't need to worry about expiration fines.

OSHA & DOT violations and fines.

High incident rates.

Loss of production due to accidents.

SMS360 allows users to forecast potential risks before they happen, allowing decision makers to proactively manage risk that could lead to loss of production and harm employees and the environment, thereby lowering accident occurrence rate, lowering OSHA & DOT violations and overall cost of accidents in your operations. 

Keeping injury, property damage, and other internal or regulatory reporting forms organized.

When an incident occurs, contractors can login to their SMS360 app and complete their First Response form. They can upload pictures and document straight from the app. Upon submission, the report is automatically sent to supervisors and stored in SMS360.

Worker injuries in operations—typically musculoskeletal from overexertion, slips, trips and falls and falling objects.  

SMS360 Safety Observations mobile feature is key in capturing a companies operations and employees performance that allows supervisors to make necessary adjustment to STOP an accident before it happens. Near Miss is also an important component in risk analysis.

It takes a long time to get incident reports to the right people. 

Assign and escalate incidents within your company.

Forms get lost easily or they are not updated and filed properly.

Maintain OSHA and DOT recordable accidents in an accident register per federal and state regulations.

Properly vetting subcontractors.

Working with subcontractors who do not adhere to OSHA regulations or safety standards.

Keep a digital record of other contractors you work with. Once the project is over, all the data is archived within SMS360. The sub-contractor has a “Safety Scorecard" which provides your organization with actionable data and the ability to assess the safety records of all their sub-contractors over all their projects.

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