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Spending too much time and money on your fleet? 

Our Fleet360 team of experienced professionals can provide comprehensive on-site fleet safety compliance services to help you manage regulatory responsibilities. 

Improve DOT & CSA Compliance

Don’t let rising DOT fines and stringent CSA policies affect your operation. Our combination of services can assist in lowering your dot fines and overall CSA compliance!

Lower Fleet Cost of Ownership

A safe and cost-effective fleet is vital for operational success. Our team of experts can help find that sweet spot by identifying operational inefficiencies and costly oversights!

Reduce risks & unsafe umployee behavior

Minimizing claims from both accidents and injuries should be at the forefront of every great business. From mock OSHA inspections to driver accident analysis and follow up coaching our team of experts is here to help.

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Updated 02/2024

Our Process

Multi Colored Course Or Membership Journ

From Our Clients

"| would like to thank SMS360 for providing us the assistance via Jason Adam to be part of our team during our transition period from one Vehicle Maintenance Manager to another here in the City of Stamford CT.


His methodical approach, common sense joined with his extensive experience, cut through many issues, and identified many of the root issues that have plagued our Vehicle Maintenance Department for years. His keen sense to ask additional questions when we thought the topic was exhausted, allowed us to save thousands of dollars and 100’s of man-hours of work within our Vehicle Maintenance Department.


We appreciate your company’s flexibility, as well as Jason’s, to make the situation work and save us time and money. We are well on our road to success with Jason’s contributions."


Driver Qualification
Behavoral Observaion
Task Management

Meet Our Fleet Experts


With over 17 years of fleet service experience within the transportation industry, Jason is highly skilled in process management and identifying operational improvements as related to fleet financials, safety, operational efficiency and culture. He is Smith System trained and knowledgeable with ATA guidelines, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and OSHA General Industry Regulations.


Steve offers 27 years of safety/claims management experience. His professional background, includes managing safety compliance (DOT, OSHA and PHMSA), for 9 terminal operations, in Chicago, IL area. Conducted CSA analysis and provided remedial programs. Maintained safety fitness for 1200 drivers and terminal personnel. Affiliations include, Illinois Trucking Association, American Society for Quality and Michigan Trucking Association Eastern Safety Counsel.


Rodney brings over 26 years of transportation experience to the team. His safety background includes multiple Safety Management roles, including in-depth commercial motor vehicle accident Investigation, DOT and OSHA safety compliance. Rodney has been a Smith System trainer for the majority of his time in transportation. In addition to safety, Rodney has held several operational positions to include Driver, Supervisor of Operations as well as a Station Manager. He also was proud to be selected as Safety Professional of the year in the state of Kansas, and has been highly involved in multi-state Safety Councils and helped with state Truck Driving Championships at various levels up to and including the Chairman of the Iowa State Truck Driving Championships.


Milan has an extensive background with over 25 years in the transportation industry. He worked as Chief of the Enforcement Division of the Public Utilities Commission and helped implement the New Entrant Motor Carrier Program. He also implemented FMCSA's Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) program in Ohio. His past positions include working as the Director of the Transportation Department, the Motor Carrier Enforcement Supervisor at the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the national instructor in the North American Standard Inspection for the Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and a safety consultant.


Valerie brings over 28 years of experience in the transportation industry, including various roles and responsibilities such as Head Administrator for the safety training curriculum, handling thousands of new commercial motor vehicle drivers for one of the largest LTL carriers nationwide, Driver qualification file management and onboarding, Commercial motor vehicle accident reporting, investigation and classification and learning administrator for the Cornerstone Learning Management System. Valerie is also Smith System trained. 

It's time to get your fleet in order.

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