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Is the system multi-lingual?  

Yes! Most of our clients use multiple languages. We can add any language requested.

How does my data get into the system?

We deliver SMS360 pre-loaded with your data. We obtain this from a variety of sources, such as payroll, spreadsheets, and word documents, or we have a template we can provide you with.

Can I grant special or client access to portions of the system? 

Yes, company administrators can set access and permissions however they see fit. 

Is the system securely backed up?  

Yes! We host with AWS!

How many users can access the system? 

As many as you want! There is unlimited user access to the system. 

Can the SMS360 system send alerts to employees? 

Yes, users can decide if they would like to be notified via text alert or push notification when an incident occurs.

Can the system integrate with other programs?

Yes, we perform third-party integrations, APIs to bring through data such as employee hours, insurance data, and other aligned solutions to enhance SMS360’s value to customers.

Does the system track HR functions like training?

The system is dynamic enough to track just about any actionable item. 

Does the system track DOT physicals and classifications?


Who owns the Data if we decide to stop using SMS360?

Your company owns all data and it will be exported via Excel spreadsheets.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Email to get started.

Is our system Mobile? 

Yes! Our SMS mobile app can be downloaded on IOS and Android devices. Limited access to Wifi or Cellular data while in the field? No problem!  All of this can be done without an internet connection. The data can be captured and synchronized later. 

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