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Prepare Your Team for CVSA's International Roadcheck

It's almost that time of year again! CVSA's International Roadcheck is around the corner. Each year, CVSA selects several focus topics to add to the roadside inspection blitz aimed at educating the industry further and reducing risks across various transportation compliance areas.

This year's focus items for the 72-hour enforcement operation, running from

May 14th through May 16th include:

  • Drivers operating under the influence of controlled substances or alcohol

  • Tractor protection Valve (Airbrake, Towaway vehicles)

To familiarize both inspectors and carriers more with the FMCSA clearinghouse, the 37-step Level 1 inspections will also include screening the driver's CDL through the FMCSA Clearinghouse database. This ensures no prohibited drivers are operating on the roadways. The process is quick and validates the drivers' status with regards to drug and alcohol compliance.

Additionally, inspectors will focus on testing the vehicles' Tractor Protection Valve, a critical safety feature often overlooked during pre-trip/post-trip inspections. The function of the tractor protection valve is to protect the braking system in the event of a trailer breakaway or severe air loss, obviously making it a vital safety focus!

To prepare for CVSA's International Roadcheck, ensure no prohibited drivers are operating within the clearinghouse. If you are unsure about Clearinghouse compliance requirements, visit this article on the FMCSA website for guidance.

With regards to the tractor protection valve and your fleet, ensure thorough coverage of this topic with your drivers! They bear the responsibility of conducting vehicle inspection reports. Emphasize the importance of this component and establish how to properly inspect it during the pre/post-trip checks. The valve inspection is a quick and simple process, taking only a minute. If you are unsure or unaware of the testing procedure involved, CVSA provides a great educational bulletin explaining the system and testing procedures. The SAME testing procedures that their inspector will be performing!

For further information about this year's International Roadcheck, visit

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