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June is National Safety Month: How Are You Ensuring Safety in Your Workplace?

National Safety Month focuses on reducing risks to avoid accidents or injury. It is important to make and maintain your workplace to be a safe and healthy environment.

Key Safety Points:

  1. Mental Health

  2. Injury Prevention

  3. Vehicles

1. Mental Health

It is important to be aware of your employees' mental health to ensure the well-being of your employees, as well as your workplace.

  • Survey employees on their overall mental health status

  • Ensure that employees aren't overworking themselves, mentally and emotionally, not just physically

  • Make the workplace a fun and happy environment

  • Allow employees and upper management to have open communication, giving them a chance to voice any concerns

2. Injury Prevention

Slips/trips/falls, spills, overexertion, exposure to harmful chemicals, and crashes/collisions are just a few of the incidents that could occur in your workplace unless preventative action is taken.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2020, employers reported that 2.7 million nonfatal injuries or illnesses occurred in their workplace.

  • Ensure that electrical cords and wires are intact

  • Move bulky cords out of the way of employees

  • Use wet floor signs and other caution signs when a hazard is within an area

  • Provide extensive training for specific tasks on the job

  • Wear the proper safety gear when handling hazardous chemicals or when in a specific work zone

3. Vehicles

It is imperative to ensure your vehicles to avoid damage and accidents in the future. Having insurance on your vehicles can help when accidents do occur. Knowing that accidents happen, taking precautions can help to avoid any accidents or injury.

Pre-and post-trip Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIRs) are one of the most effective ways to prevent injury and take the proper precautions. Civil penalties run up to $1,270 a day for failing to complete a DVIR, $12,695 for knowingly falsifying, destroying, or changing DVIR records, and $15,419 for each non-recordkeeping violation. Improve your vehicle safety program with a digital safety system like SMS360.

Remind your drivers to:

  • Abide by all traffic laws

  • Wear their seatbelt to prevent injury if a crash or collision occurs

  • Avoid driving while taking medication that may make them drowsy

  • Do not allow anyone under the influence to drive or operate vehicles and machinery

  • Provide extensive training when operating machinery in the workplace

Injuries, accidents, incidents, fatalities, and trauma can be avoided by taking the proper precautions before an incident occurs. Being aware of the hazards and taking preventative action can make your workplace safe and successful. Using SMS360 can help ensure that employers and employees are protected and safe.

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