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Celebrate Manufacturing Day this Friday

Friday, October 7th is Manufacturing Day!

Manufacturing Day is held annually on the first Friday in October. By encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions to open their doors to the public, Manufacturing Day helps to show the future of modern manufacturing careers. The Manufacturing industry views the occasion as an opportunity to instill a positive narrative and inspire a younger generation to learn about the respective workforce.

Manufacturing Day typically consists of enhanced communications between manufacturers where industry challenges and progressive ideas are shares.

Manufacturers aim to fill "4 million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade". Due to the contemporary climate of 2022, you could celebrate by attending Manufacturing events both remotely and in person!

History of Manufacturing Day

In 2011, America's Fabricators and Manufacturers’ Association wanted to make the manufacturing sector more accessible to the general public. The focused and preferred demographics were students, parents, and policymakers.

The inaugural Manufacturing Day was held in the October of 2012. This began as the foundation of 200 events to be conducted in the country's Midwestern region. The events caught traction and initiated vast participation nationwide for years to follow.


Manufacturing Day utilizes job fairs, seminars, interactive and educational events to inspire the younger generation to join the manufacturing sector. The industry guidance wants to shift the narrative of manufacturing and disclaim the myths against it.

The first week of October continues to grow in popularity and participation, all while innovating its method of education to establish a secured foundation.

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