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Trauma Awareness Month

Trauma happens, and the best way to avoid it is to be mindful of ensuring safety to reduce injuries or fatalities.

Traumatic situations can happen at any moment and time. To ensure safety, it is essential to take precautions to avoid the effects of trauma.

Specific Precautions Can Be Taken to Ensure Safety in Each Scenario:

  1. Vehicle

  2. Home

  3. Family members

  4. Employees

1. Vehicle

  • Stay up to date with maintenance and registration renewal/insurance

  • Ensure functionality of airbags and other safety features

  • Wear your seatbelt

  • Abide by traffic laws

  • Ensure new drivers have proper experience

  • Limit distractions while operating

  • Do not operate under the influence

  • Wear helmets and or padded clothing while operating motorcycles, scooters, etc.

2. Home

  • Invest in home protection such as: security systems, cameras, alarms, locks, etc.

  • Keep harmful chemicals and or objects out of reach

  • Ensure proper inspection

  • Limit fire hazards and be mindful of an evacuation plan

  • Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms regularly

  • Natural disaster protection (excavate tall/fatal trees near home)

3. Family Members

  • Ensure a safe living environment for the elderly and children to avoid falls, suffocation, or injuries

  • Invest in safety equipment and gear for those in sports or extracurricular activities

4. Employers/Employees

  • Provide insurance while on and off the job

  • Ensure a clean and organized work environment to avoid trips or falls

  • Dispose of faulty equipment or cables/wires

  • Be aware and prevent fire hazards

  • Be cautious of ingesting hazardous chemicals

  • Wear proper gear when working with electricity, fire/heat, machinery, chemicals

  • Follow OSHA guidelines which are specified for each task at hand

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