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Live Oak Environmental Launches SMS360

Live Oak Environmental, LLC doubles down on commitment to safety with SMS360 launch.

NORWALK, CT, Jan 5, 2023. Live Oak Environmental, LLC has selected Safety Management Systems, Inc.’s digital safety and compliance software, SMS360, as its preferred risk management solution. SMS360 combines dozens of reporting and safety prevention needs into one online system, allowing clients to pinpoint risks, decrease accident rates, and simplify reporting processes from their computers or mobile devices. Live Oak will use SMS360 to build on its existing corporate safety culture as they advance in the environmental waste management industry.

“The team at Live Oak recognizes the evolving importance of identifying potential safety issues before accidents occur,” SMS VP of Client Relations Mary Dunlap said. “SMS360’s extensive portfolio of online and offline capabilities will aid them in their mission to prioritize proactive, rather than reactive, safety.”

By using SMS360, Live Oak can report accidents and incidents immediately to assess and eliminate risk. Live Oak will utilize SMS360’s predictive analytics feature to forecast risks before accidents occur. With this, Live Oak can assure that they reduce the number of OSHA violations as well as keep their employees safe.

About Live Oak

Live Oak is a leading force in waste management in East Texas and Louisiana. They offer many services to the communities nearby, including commercial, residential, and industrial services. They also offer dumpster services to businesses, garbage pick-up to residents, and roll-off rental services. Their rental services range from showers, sinks, and toilets, making waste management accessible. In Louisiana, Live Oak also offers specialty trucking and hauling services to dispose of heavy construction materials or other non-hazardous waste.

About SMS360

SMS360 is used by companies around the world to increase revenue and efficiency by streamlining safety and compliance efforts. SMS360 grants both small and large companies the ability to predict accidents, manage claims, conduct behavioral observations, automate OSHA reports, conduct on-the-go inspections, and keep track of regulatory documents like permits and SDSs all from computers or mobile devices. The SaaS deployment model enables a high level of customization for clientele, and the cloud-based software allows for faster and cheaper implementation than traditional on-site software systems. Powered by Safety Management Systems, Inc., a mission-driven company helping businesses transform their safety programs with easy-to-use software. Safety Management Systems, Inc. is a certified women-owned business enterprise.


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