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Is the Vehicle You Are Driving Considered Out-of-Service?

In mid-September, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) released data collected from May 17th through the 19th of 2022. On these days, members of the CVSA conducted vehicle and driver inspections to ensure roadway safety. Of the 59,026 inspections, 16,170 deemed commercial motor vehicles and/or drivers out of service.

Being placed out-of-service, the driver or vehicle is prohibited from operational use for a specific time period.

The Different Levels of Inspection

  • Level I: A 37-step process of inspection of the driver, inside, outside, and underneath the vehicle.

  • Level ll: Review the driver's operational credentials and inspect the inside, outside, and not the underneath of the vehicle.

  • Level lll: Inspect driver's credentials and operational regulations.

  • Level V: Vehicle items, can be conducted without the driver present.

Out-of-Service Inspection Criteria

  1. Operator's/chauffer's license permit (NON-CDL): endorsements, or restrictions.

  2. Drugs and other substances.

  3. Brake Systems: defective brakes, trailer breakaway & emergency brakes, air brake hose/tubing, hydraulic brakes

  4. Lighting devices: headlamps, tail lamps, stop lamps, turn signals & lamps/flags on projecting loads

  5. Tires

  6. Transport Vehicle Markings

Top Five Vehicle OOS Violations (U.S.)

Top Five Driver OOS Violations (U.S.)

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