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Five Things You Can Do During National Radon Action Month

Radon is a dangerous naturally-occurring radioactive gas— that you can't see, taste or smell. It could be present at a dangerous level in your home or workplace.

Radon is the #1 cause of lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers in America. Lung cancer takes the lives of approx. 21,000 Americans each year.

It's important to be aware of radon and take the necessary cautions to avoid it. The EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General urge all Americans to protect their health by testing their homes, schools and other buildings for radon.

Take Action in January!

1. Test.

Testing is simple— and not costly. Get a kit directly from the EPA here or call 1-800-767-7236 to purchase radon test kits by phone. If there is a high level radon level in your space, you want to know so you can take steps to eliminate the problem to protect your self, your family, and your employees.

2. Attend a National Radon Action Month event

Since January is action month, events are happening across the country to educate and inspire people to take action. Attending an event in your community is a great way to spread awareness, not only to your employees, but to friends, clients and others at risk.

3. Tell your family and friends

Informing others about the health risks of radon and encouraging them to test their homes and work spaces can help keep the greater community safe.

4. Read and share the EPA's free radon resources.

The EPA has loads of free resources, including Radon Hotlines with life help to answer your radon questions, general information on reducing radon levels, and information on radon in drinking water. You are also publications and media resources you can share on social media or send to employees.

5. Build Green

When expanding, moving, or relocating, be sure to build radon-resistant spaces. There are plenty of ways to build a green space. Check out NY Health's guidance on new construction techniques that keep radon out.

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