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Celebrate those in the Waste and Recycling Industry this Week

The week of June 17th is devoted to recognizing and celebrating the men and women working in the waste and recycling industry. Waste and Recycling Workers Week is a non-profit organization that acknowledges the important work that those in this industry do in service to our communities. Originally created by John D. Arwood in 2012, many companies, cities, and states have adopted this week of recognition. Waste and Recycling Workers Week encourages individuals to show their appreciation to the works in this industry every day and especially the week of June 17th.

How can you show your appreciation?

A Simple "Thanks"

Take a moment to speak to your garbage collectors and show your appreciation for their work. Feel free to bring them a cold water or a snack. Or, consider calling your local provider to say thanks!

Download a Thank You eCard

The Waste and Recycling Workers Week organization has created a downloadable eCard to share with your provider. Simply print it out, fold it, and attach it to your garbage during the week of June 17. Download the printable here. Or, create your own card to show your appreciation.

Add the Badge to your Website

If you have a site or social media account, consider downloading the Waste and Recycling Workers Week badge and placing the graphic on your platform during the week of June 17. Download it here.

Help them Lift

Lend a hand to workers, especially if you have a big pile! Spread kindness and show them that we are aware of their efforts.

Spread the Word

Encourage friends, family, and neighbors to join in the Waste and Recycling Workers Week Celebration. Take a moment to share stories and photos on social media, using #WasteRecyclingWorkersWeek. Additionally, consider downloading the logo to continue the celebration. The graphic is available here.


Gift the Waste and Recycling Workers Week organizations by making a donation. This enables them to further their mission and outreach. Donate here.

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