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Can Safety Data Sheets be Kept on a Computer?

The quick answer? Yes! Moving your Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) online can save you serious time, money, and accidents.

Where should safety data sheets be kept? SDSs can be organized in an online e-binder using a Safety Data Sheet manager like SMS360.
Where should safety data sheets be kept? Can safety data sheets be electronic? Yes! SDSs can be organized in an online e-binder using a Safety Data Sheet manager like SMS360.

OSHA began allowing electronic SDSs back in 1989, but an overwhelming amount of companies are still using a paper-based filing system. Online SDSs can help combat disorganization and ensure access to all employees at any given time. In comparison, paper copies or binders can be misplaced or disorganized and may be hard for the employee to understand if English isn't their first language.

Top 3 Benefits of Digitizing your SDS Management

1. Access first aid information quicker than ever.

Do safety data sheets include first-aid measures? Yes! That's one of their most important features. The first-aid information typically includes instructions when inhalation, skin and eye contact, and ingestion of a hazardous chemical or material takes place. It is crucial that all employees have access to this during work hours, to ensure they know and understand safety procedures when handling these substances.

Instead of scrambling to figure out where the SDS binder is, all employees need to do is grab the nearest mobile device, tablet, or computer. Then, all it takes is 3 clicks to get to the first aid information.

When SDS are accessed on paper, first-aid measures are listed in section 4 of the SDS. Since each SDS can be multiple pages, the employee will need to flip around until they find it.

With SMS360, the first aid information is highlighted and featured at the top of the SDS page so it's the first thing you see when you click on the SDS.

2. Get organized across all your locations.

Switching your SDS management from paper-based to a digital platform can save you dozens of hours of up-keep time and increase accessibility, especially for your employees. By having access to SDS online, multiple users can access the SDS. Changes or updates to SDS can be made easily and help the flow of information spread amongst employees.

3. Go multi-lingual.

OSHA requires all safety data sheets to be completed in English. Some online safety management systems that store and update safety data sheets can have multi-lingual capabilities. Can safety data sheets be written in any language? Safety data sheets are offered in different languages based on the native languages of each specific area. For instance, in the U.S., English is available while in Canada, French and English are able to use.

Never worry about expired SDSs again with SMS360.

SMS360 replaces SDSs as they expire so you don’t have to. This means you don't need to waste time checking to see if SDSs expired or if new SDSs were released. The process of tracking down new SDSs can be pretty lengthy and involve calling manufacturers and waiting days—sometimes weeks—for a response.

By using SMS360 to manage your SDSs, you can save time, money, and effort. And, if you like to keep a physical binder to supplement the digital one, you still can print off your entire, updated SMS360 SDS binder with just one click.

SMS360 makes fulfilling the SDS HazCom regulation quick, easy, and affordable!

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