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Is Your Workplace Prepared for Hurricane Season?

Natural disasters such as hurricanes can affect a business when there are no precautions taken before the storm. It is imperative to strengthen your procedures before natural disasters take place. To be most prepared for these types of storms it is important to ensure there is an emergency plan in case of permitting weather.

Forecasters at NOAA predict that this year in 2022, there is an above-normal level of hurricanes. This would mean that this is our seventh above-normal hurricane season to date.

Storm watches and warnings hold different meanings.

Storm watches mean that a hurricane or tropical storm is possible within the area. While storm warnings signal that a hurricane or tropical storm is expected to reach the area, typically within 24 hours. It is important to know the differences between these two types of warnings to follow the right safety protocols.

According to NOLA, after hurricane Katrina many businesses took a while to reopen, especially small businesses if they would even opened again at all. Many of the employees faced homelessness during this period as their houses were destroyed. Businesses were open but many were understaffed due to this.

Be Prepared

  • Pay attention to local weather forecasts when expecting more intense weather patterns

  • Ensure you have emergency response operations in place

  • Remove and trim trees close to the work establishment to avoid severe damages

  • Ensure that all employees understand what to do in this case of emergency

  • Practice evacuation plans

  • Update plans and procedures when new information comes about

  • Ensure that first-aid kits are accessible and restocked

Working conditions and procedures tend to change after a natural disaster occurs, be mindful of these changes and apply them to your safety protocols.

Response and Recovery

  • Evaluate the worksite and any damages that have occurred

  • Verify the suitability of the implemented hazard control methods

  • Ensure that there is no loose water in less drained areas

  • Eliminate any hazards (electrical wires, excess water, damaged tools or machinery, debris, etc,)

  • Be patient with repairs as the community is affected as a whole

  • Implement new safety regulations for this specific natural disaster

According to the NOAA, last year in 2021, there were 20 separate billion-dollar natural disasters which equates to the 165 billion dollars spent overall.

If employees are injured on the job during a hurricane, they may apply for workers' compensation. Employees can earn compensation for payment for medical treatments, payment for loss wages and lost earning potential, and payment for permanent physical damages.

Ensuring your business and employees is imperative for natural disasters as they can help the business save money as well as be able to reopen when the natural disaster subsides.

SMS360 is a great way to help ensure the safety of your business as well as your employees.

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