Introducing SMS360’s Fleet Safety Management Module

June 15, 2018 - A fleet company’s safety management system is essential when presenting to internal employees, external stakeholders and its customers, as the organization has a commitment to protecting its workers and motorists with whom they share the road.

A fleet’s business is already home to a wide variety of formal and informal management systems that set the standards for success every day. Integrating safety into those systems improves the bottom line and completes the operational cycle.

Our safety management system- SMS360 allows you to first record different types of incidents, whether it be an injury or illness; environmental release; property damage or loss; near miss; or a motor vehicle incident. Here you can begin gathering first response data. Using SMS360’s FROI Mobile application, any employee, anywhere can capture crucial details of an incident immediately after it occurs. You can also begin an incident investigation and a claims management record while uploading all supporting documents, such as a police report or photos. SMS360 will determine, based on information entered, whether this incident meets the definition of a DOT Recordable Accident and will populate a company Accident Register as required by Federal regulations.

With our new Fleet Safety module, SMS360 provides the essential elements to allow a company to keep its driving force compliant to cumbersome regulations from the time they hire on to the day they retire. We offer a comprehensive suite that will help a fleet manager hire, train, track compliance, manage their vehicle inspections and repairs.

Coming soon, we will include a Training Management System that organizes training curriculums, schedules, training delivery, grading, records, history; as well as a fleet self-audit library.

Our approach is simple. Safety doesn’t need to be complicated. We provide the basic, necessary tools to support a company’s culture of safety and provide the tools to help keep their employees safe and compliant. SMS360 keeps it simple.

Unlike our competitors, we focus on smaller companies that can’t afford the expense of ‘enterprise-level’ systems, thereby letting our customers maintain safe workplaces, and comply with their regulatory requirements and safety management more cost-effectively.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has several specific hiring rules that must be followed before a carrier can qualify and hire a driver- Driver Qualifications. When a person applies for a Driver position, there are many conditions and documents that are needed to fulfil both DOT and Company compliance requirements. The process, unfortunately, is not a one-day process. The Pre-Hire section ensures that the applicant is suitable and qualified for the position. From the driver’s application, to the requesting of safety history information from the state Motor Vehicle Office and from past employers, to the scheduling of the required tests, such as a road test, general knowledge tests, or drug and alcohol tests – you are working with a qualification file that is a work-in-progress while uploading the essential elements into SMS360 that create compliant qualification files.

Each Driver Qualification requirement also contains its own information pop-up box that provides more details and the FMCSA standard where the specific regulation can be found. Users are directed to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s regulations where they can research and obtain guidance that helps the user become familiar with Federal regulations.

The system follows a simple, basic and intuitive flow of information gathering. All the while, you are building toward regulatory due diligence and compliance. Each regulatory required question has an associated information icon that provides further explanation and the standard where the rule can be found. Where a document can be uploaded, the user is prompted to upload the file, where it is stored in one of the associated files for recordkeeping or for future document retrieval. When the hiring process is finally finished, you can have confidence that you have met all the federal requirements, begun a recordkeeping file, and now can move onto the Post-Hire Qualification requirements section.

The Post-Hire section, aided by status reports, ensures that the Driver remains compliant and therefore does not put the Company at risk. Once the driver is hired, the clock begins to tick toward continuing driver qualification responsibilities. You can begin tracking compliance for the entire duration of employment.

As you enter termination dates, you are creating the ability to be alerted when items like a driver’s license or medical certification is about to expire and view a report to track out 90, 60, 30 days until expiration.

An essential element in the Safety Management Cycle is having a systematic process in place to ensure preventative vehicle maintenance is performed, identifying safety defects, and completing the necessary repairs.

SMS360’s Vehicle Management System allows the carrier to track and upload Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports, creating a recordkeeping trail for inspections and repairs. The user can always create an Action from within SMS360 that can be forwarded to another party for follow up attention. The system can forward an automatic email alert to the parties involved to ensure timely action is completed.

SMS360 allows the carrier to record roadside inspections, ensure the repairs, if needed, are completed, and that a response to the state enforcement agency is made in a timely manner. The system also allows keeping a record of vehicle licenses, permits, registrations and titles as well as contractor insurance documentation.

SMS has built a comprehensive library of reports to assist the employer. By way of color coding, reports show the status of the various aspects of a Driver’s application by clearly indicating whether it has been “Accepted” or “Rejected”. All reports can be converted to an Excel document and be printed, emailed or forwarded to responsible parties within your organization to ensure comprehensive management and due diligence. Examples such as the Driver Qualification and the Vehicle Management reports show those elements that are required for renewal in a 30/60/90 day period.

SMS360 additionally provides a Library module which contains a comprehensive library of safety talks-Tool Box Talks that cover a wide variety of relevant safety topics that can be printed on one page as a hand-out or read as part of a pre-journey safety talk.

SMS360 also provides within the Library module, the 14 Accident Countermeasures. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends that these Countermeasures not only be used as remedial training for drivers who have incurred an accident but as proactive training to help mitigate or prevent future accidents. This encourages positive driver behavior. SMS continually adds additional subject matter into the SMS360 Library and also takes requests from our clients to any topics that they would like to see posted within.

Companies that take the initiative to implement a Fleet safety management system, such as SMS360 will stay ahead of their competition and will experience the benefits of cost savings, improved productivity and employee morale that will help your business run smoother and smarter.

SMS360–Safety Made Simple…and Affordable.

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