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Digitize your

Safety Data Sheets

Take your SDS binder digital and never worry about an expired SDS again.

Safety Data Sheets

Access First Aid Information in Three Clicks

With SMS360, your paper SDS binder gets converted to an online e-binder that can be accessed by an employee in seconds. Unlike other digital SDS binders, SMS360 extracts the important information from the PDFs so employees are able to see crucial First Aid information right away.

Avoid Regulatory Fines

We replace expired SDSs for you, so you don't need to worry about having an employee check SDS expiration dates. When suppliers change their ingredients and upload new SDSs, we'll make sure your library is updated. If an auditer comes in and asks to see your SDSs, you'll be prepared.

Eliminate Inefficiencies and Redundancies

SMS360 will organize your SDS libraries by location, without making you repeat eofforts or require multiple employees to do the same upkeep.

Accomodate Employees in Multiple Languages

SMS360 uploads SDSs in all languages offered by the manufacturer. If a language is not available, it's easier for an employee to copy and paste into an online translator rather than having to type it in from a paper PDF.

SMS360 offers:

  • Unlimited users

  • Access to current and previous SDSs (up to 30 years)

  • Inventory reporting

  • Continuous sourcing for updates

  • Backup library

  • Offline access

  • External link for non-users

  • Multi-lingual SDSs, if provided by the manufacturer

  • Optional value solution which administers 800 emergency response materials

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