Safety is not industry-specific. SMS360 covers all types of industries from Textile manufacturers to injection molding to automobile manufacturers. Safe environments improve employee morale, productivity, profit, and reputation. Unsafe environments affect more than the company— they affect communities, shareholders, corporate reputations, and above all else, the employees and their families.

SMS360 will:


  • Consolidate several disparate EHS processes/systems into one, to consolidate your data into one centralized reporting system. 

  • Replace your aging system that has become too difficult and expensive to maintain and upgrade.

  • Help you manage your risks more effectively. Our system addresses concerns that both large and small industrial companies have about increased risk exposure to employees.

  • Simplify the reporting process for you. Operational Risk can be very complex and businesses do not need more complexity. 

SMS360 offers:

  • Pricing based on the number of employees, not user bands or your balance sheet.


  • The ability to have multiple reporting points, even unrelated by ownership (Franchise).

  • Access by permission to one or many reporting points.

  • Anonymized data for aggregated reporting and trending purposes.

SMS360's approach:

  • First, we identify precisely what YOU want to get OUT of the system via a detailed gap analysis while familiarizing you with our work ethic. 

  • Next, we configure the SMS360 system with the exact modules necessary to provide what you need.

  • Then, we grant you online access to the configured system for a month or more on a User Acceptance Test (UAT) site basis. This is to familiarize users and train-the-trainers. Once the system is accepted, we move users to the live ‘production’ site pre-populated with live data, ready to be activated. The UAT site is usually retained for future training and testing needs.