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Through our client relationships, we realized the need for FLEET360. Our team of professionals has over 40 years’ experience in accident investigation, safety management and workplace compliance. Our team of certified experts, review, code and investigate thousands of accidents per month, based on theFederal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines. Each accident is analyzed individually, and facts aregathered to determine preventability, modify behaviour and increase a driver’s understanding of how toprevent future accidents. Our safety professionals can do it all remotely, while supporting your safety efforts.

Our safety experts also provide on-site fleet safety services to help carriers manage all areas regulated by DOT and OSHA. We help carriers identify non-compliance areas and opportunities for improvement, and we recommend the safety tools and processes to develop a safer operational culture.


At Safety Management Systems, we work with leading truck and vehicle fleets every day to determine accident preventability and implement continuous driver safety improvements. We do it through a combination of software and services called Fleet360, which focuses on Driver Safety Managemnet, Vehicle Safety Managemnet, and Company Safety Management.