SMS360 is an online, web-based platform designed to provide day-to-day fleet and driver safety compliance tools. There are over 600 pages of carrier and driver regulations in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Safety regulations are becoming tougher and complex, but compliance doesn’t have to be more challenging. We can help you.  We make managing safety compliance easy – no matter what your level of experience or comfort may be. 

Driver/Fleet Safety Management System

  • Create an electronic file for driver compliance oversight

  • On-board new drivers confidently with our Driver Qualification Management System

  • Schedule advance notice for expiring licenses, certifications, permits, etc.

  • Reduce incidents by providing proactive and remedial Accident Countermeasure training as recommended by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

  • Keep your employees informed with a Library of Tool Box Talks covering a variety of relevant and timely safety topics for drivers and supervisors

Vehicle Safety Management System

  • Manage Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports and keep a management trail for vehicle repairs and follow-up actions from various departments

  • Keep records of Roadside Inspections and ensure repairs are completed and responses to state enforcement agencies are made timely

  • Keep track of your licenses, insurance information, permits, etc.

Company Safety Management System

  • Manage incidents including OSHA 300 reporting, DOT Accident Register, and Near Misses

  • Perform a DOT Self Audit with our Self Audit Management Tool

  • Track your company’s safety performance in real time with our Key Performance Dashboard

  • Prevent future incidents by performing Employee Behavioral Observations

  • Maintain compliance through a Library of Statistical Reports

Fleet360 services provides hands-on comprehensive safety compliance to help contractors manage many regulatory areas mandated by the Federal Carrier Safety Administration.

DOT Fleet Compliance Audit Services


Our Fleet360 team of experienced professionals provide comprehensive on-site fleet safety compliance services to help carriers manage all regulatory areas defined in a DOT Review, to include:

  • Accident Preventability Determination

  • Driver Qualification Files

  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports Management

  • Vehicle Maintenance Compliance

  • Record of Duty Status Management

  • Hazardous Materials Records

  • Fleet Accident Risk Management

  • Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing

  • Compliance CSA Compliance Strategy