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Commit to a safer workplace with


OSHA recently revealed updates to their guidance on creating a safer, more sound workplace. SMS60 accomplishes each of their 6 points of advice.


Prevent workplace injuries and illnesses

Perform root cause analysis to identify WHO and WHERE your risk is. Use this information to implement new plans to stop accidents before they happen.


Improve compliance with laws and regulations

The all-in-one online system makes sure you stay in compliance by auto-generating OSHA, DOT reports, managing Lockout Tagout, Safety Data Sheets, and more.


Reduce costs including significant reductions in workers' compensation premiums

Perform behavioral observations and gain access to a dashboard with monthly employee data, driver vehicle inspection reports, driver qualification management, task management (CAPAS). 


Engage workers

Transfer information seamlessly between field workers, supervisors, and administrators, making it quicker and easier on everyone to complete tedious tasks. 


Enhance their social responsibility goals

Access a digital library full of educational literature regarding safety training materials, View a dashboard displaying the days that have passed since the last accident, reminding everyone of their progress.


Increase productivity and enhance overall business operations

With SMS360, safety managers spend less time on standard safety tasks, like filling out time-consuming forms or filling out reports. This leaves more time for innovation and new ideas to improve business.

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Automate your reporting processes with

The all-in-one solution that gets all of your safety data online and in one place. 

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Go paperless

Save time, money

Reduce error rates

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